Vaccines for Health Care Workers

Who is V4Hcw?

Vaccines for Health care Workers is a joint initiative driven by The Unity Forum for Family Practitioners (UFFP). The UFFP is constituted from SAMA, IPAF, ASAIPA, EMC and SAMDP. The purpose of this initiative is to assist the National Department of Health (NDOH) in identifying all healthcare workers vaccine needs and potential vaccination sites during this crisis period, and to ensure that the Covid-19 vaccine reaches every Medical Practitioner (GP), Out of Hospital Healthcare Worker and Supporting Staff Member within South Africa. V4hcw therefore created a platform for all Healthcare Workers to facilitate fast and effective distribution as well as a booking system to assist with all front-line healthcare workers scheduling system for their vaccinations.

Become a Volunteer

Our country plans to vaccinate 40 million South Africans to reach population immunity over the next few months. The National Department of Health has secured vaccines for the program to start in May 2021. We urgently require volunteers to help vaccinate our country! The Volunteer registration portal creates the link between, the volunteer and a vaccination site, to help staff a facility, ensuring maximum throughput of that facility.
Your assistance is greatly needed and appreciated.
Please register on the `Volunteer Portal` by clicking the button below:

Register your site as a Vaccination Site

V4hcw encourage general practitioners to register their site as a Vaccination Site. With more sites registered across the country, we can ensure the effective distribution of vaccines to all citizens. Become part of the V4hcw Family by registering your site today and start to make a difference within your direct community. If you are interested in becoming a COVID-19 Vaccination Site, please register with V4HCW by clicking the button below:

Why Healthcare Professionals need to Vaccinate

COVID-19 vaccine supplies are limited, and Healthcare professionals continue to be on the front line of the nation’s fight against COVID-19.

By providing critical care to those who are or might be infected with the virus that causes COVID-19, healthcare personnel are at highest risk of exposure and at increased risk of infection from COVID-19.

All Healthcare Professionals who are front line, patient facing, are at highest risk of exposure and should be prioritized for vaccination.

NDOH have recommended that all Healthcare Professionals get vaccinated against COVID-19 and have prioritized them for vaccination.


Vaccines for Healthcare workers (V4HCW), in agreement with the NDOH, have offered to assist all Healthcare Professionals and Associations to provide a platform to register and book for their vaccines. We have opened up our platforms and implemented solutions for all Healthcare Professionals to collate, risk stratify and offer equitable distribution of vaccines across South Africa. Registration on our platform is open for members of the HPCSA, AHPCSA, SANC as well as the SAPC.

*The registration page is optimised for use on a personal computer, any users experiencing problems using mobile devices during registration is advise to use a personal computer.

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