Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Does my Voucher number remain valid, and can I use it at any site once booking has been made.

A: Yes, your Voucher Number is valid at any site.

Please make sure that you are issued with the latest Voucher Number starting with S2…
If you are issued with an old voucher number, you will be re-issued with a new Voucher Number as you will need to re-consent to receive your new voucher with Voucher Number S2…

2. Q: How do I change my Vaccination Province

A: Firstly, make sure on which site you have entered your Province wrongfully. If it is incorrect on the EVDS Portal you would need to contact them directly. Please make sure that upon registration on the V4hcw Registration Portal, that your location is switched on for the browser to automatically pick up your location.

3. Q: Can a pregnant woman receive the COVID-19 vaccine

A: No, the Sisonke Trail do not make provision.
Please see SAHPRA Document attached for more information.

Click to download.

4. Q: How long do you have to wait to be vaccinated after being tested positive for COVID-19

A: You need to wait between 1-6 months depending on your immunity. Please contact your Healthcare Provider to confirm that you are in good health to receive your vaccine.

5. Q: How long after you received your COVID-19 vaccine, can you be vaccinated with the flu vaccine?

A: You need to wait 2 weeks ( 14 Days ) between receiving either the Covid-19 Vaccine or the Flu Vaccine.

6. Q: Antibody testing
A: Please refer to the attached Ampath Document.
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7. Q: Can I register if I only have a Passport number

A: Yes, please enter your Passport Number in the provided ID Number Tab

8. Q: How can I cancel my booking if I am unable to attend.

A: Prior to your booking date, please login with your ID Number on the booking site and click on the cancel tab. If you did not cancel your booking your profile will be blocked for 14 days.

9. Q: Who do I contact if I have side effects after being vaccinated

A: Kindly contact :

SAHPRA`s Head Office at
Tel: 012 501 0300
Email :

Or Sisonke at
Sisonke helpdesk: 0800 014 956

10. Q: Can I choose which type of vaccine I want to be vaccinated with

A: Unfortunately, not.

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